Marketing and Branding Campaign

The Robby D project was a new concept I created in collaboration with the actor Robert De Domenici. The goal was to create promotional content to show case the personality behind the actor and combine it with cinematic media to function as marketing and branding content. It includes photos and a promotional video. It showcases not only the personality and aesthetic of the actor, but also gives the viewer a feel of who Robby D is and what roles he suits.


The video has been shot by me in many places around London, including Harrow-on-the-Hill and Soho, all of which play a role in the actor's life and culture. I then compiled the content and edited it on Premiere Pro. 

The nickname Robby D, has been used as his branding name. The typography was created using Illustrator from a combination of his hand-writing and a font suited to his aesthetic, this gave it some uniformity. 


Strutting down London Towns Frith Street in Soho… A have of jazz musicians, Italian coffee bars, prostitutes, drug dealers and bohemians. Fitted in his retro 70s leather jacket and Chelsea boots. Suited ‘n’ booted. He likes his whiskey neat. Simple and to the point. 

He pays a visit to Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club to collect the dough. Every now and then he clicks his fingers upon his fist as he makes his next move to Bar Italia and kills time whilst sipping on a dark, deep espresso. Forever on the move forward, this lone wolf makes his last stop in London’s Little Italy in Clerkenwell opposite St Peters. As he waits for his pickup collection he lights up to puff on a ciggy. Puffing the grey smoke into London’s sooted air. Man on a mission.

He’s Robby D.

Robby D_logo_white.png