London City

About Me

Hello! I'm Zoë Hellaby, a multi-disciplinary creative and marketer with experience in photography, design, videos and editing, content creation and communications.

Where does Hell of a Creator come from anyway?

The term Hell of a Creator comes from two elements.

One - I identify myself partially by being a creator - someone who comes up with ideas and produces content, campaigns, videos, photos and the like.

Two -My surname Hell-a-by

What's your background?

Professionally,  I have two qualifications:

One - Advanced Diploma in Photography.

Two - BA Degree in Visual Communications.

I worked a social media manager for a year where I also did photography, advertising and content creation for an online fashion and events platform.

Thereafter, I worked as a freelancer for 3 years in art direction where I often used my photographic knowledge. I also did graphic design, content creation and marketing campaigns. There is no one brand or industry I work in, I'm very versatile. However, I prefer working with tangible products. 

Personally - I am a curious, open-minded, ambitious, versatile, emotionally intelligent and a goal-driven individual with an intense kind of passion (that's where the fire comes from).

I'm particularly competitive with myself and I enjoy not only building my own skills and knowledge, but assisting those around me too in whatever way I can and finding ways to work together that would be mutually beneficial. 

I live and breathe being a marketer and creative, it's very much a part of who I am not only professionally but something I even utilise in my day-to-day life. 


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